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That's sweet! I would have really liked to read through that program and that's pretty stunning to me. :)

zortharg responds:

Actually you can. It's right here:


Make SURE to (not only have matlab on your computer but also) have loads of RAM on your computer. The one that crashed my computer (the real downfall is probably that I told it to delete all but the most recent system restore copies to free up hard drive space so the pagefile would have more space WHILE it was already running) that generates a series of frames with random parameters:


I could have saved some RAM in that, because it doesn't do the rotation, but it still does what the earlier version did: it calculates the fractal over a larger area than the final frame, so that it can rotate it in a circle and only keep the final inscribed rectangle (so it does more than it needs to do and also wastes some processing power, since it only keeps the rectangle inscribed in the circle inscribed in the original rectangular area and that's not necessary if it's not being rotated) but I didn't want to change the number of pixels because that would change the brightness of the image as it involves a 2-d fourier transform and I didn't remember whether I set it up in such a way that it would be twice as bright if half the size or not. The original was done on my 1 GB RAM XP computer and the catastrophic failure on my 512 MB RAM Vista computer. Naturally if I had known what would happen I would have just put one of the 512 RAM sticks from the one computer into the other and saved a whole lot of pain and misery.

You can also see the animation that comes about from the rotation of the fractal to various degrees here:


The image you see here is simply frame #138 in that. You'll see the number hard-coded into the program in the first link, but it used to be a for loop that went from 0 to something like 300 or so, 138 was just my favorite, but you can change that number 138 in the code to something else to rotate it different amounts (the swirl effect in the middle).

Beautiful! But what is the advantage of using ANSi instead of an everyday painting program? Despite the fact that it is impressive as hell.

enzob7 responds:

Thank you! Well, there's no advantage at all. It's a hobby. :)

What can I say... I just love this game art!

Tishe responds:

Thanks, it's comments like these that really motivate me to make this game! Cheers!


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