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Utopian Mining 2, other games and young manhood!

2014-01-06 22:17:25 by Schulles

The new blogging system rocks so I will use it now!

3976401_138906293093_Picture69.pngMy holidays are ending today and the last term of school begins tommorow. I spent the holidays having a lot fun wasting a lot of time but at least I was a little bit productive and managed to get the prototype done for Utopian Mining 2. That's right, I finally got the motivation to work on that, I hope you guys still want it? The only reason it took so long (besides the fact I was lazy) is that I am writing the whole thing in a lighter and faster (MUCH faster!), but a tiny bit different engine called Axel. Check it out, if you like to. Unfortunately it also brought some troubles with itself and porting the things I already had wasn't too easy. However, after spamming the help-forum it now runs on my Android phone! It's a great challenge to keep an average framerate of about 60 fps on such a tiny device but I am giving it a try. It would make me extremly happy to see MY app on Google Play one day;

It's always been a dream to hold one of my games in my hand.



For Utopian Mining 2 I was planning to have completely new and more diversified missions and therefore I wanted to add monsters and a fighting system. I wanted to go for some Pokémon-like fighting (see screenshot). But what do you think? Does it fit or not? Should I add something like that? Or rather stick to the relaxing atmosphere UM I had?


3976401_138906188152_Picture66.pngIt's a bit sad that it won't run on every Android. The phone has to be a "certified device" with the power that is needed to run Adobe Air. Check this list and let me know if your Android is supported! I have a tiny Samsung Galaxy Pocket that runs a lot of apps but can't handle Adobe Air although it meets all the requirements?. That's why I am currently testing on an HTC Desire HD and Samsung Galaxy S4. I might borrow a Google Nexus and some other phones from friends soon to test on as many devices as possible. Later the plan is to make ads inside the web-game for a free demo of the app and then leading the player to the full version after some time that should cost like 99ct or whatever seems legit. Hope that works out and people will enjoy it.

Lately I am not playing a lot of games but at least a few really good ones I'd like to mention...

1) Rogue Legacy, it's about entering castles over and over again grabbing and destroying as much as you can and upgrading your knights. I played the demo the past days and you should do aswell. Buying it tommorow! :)

2) Superfighters Deluxe, great game! Maybe you saw Superfighters appear here on Newgrounds over a year ago? Well, I did and I loved it. Now they have a multiplayer, with more maps, more weapons, more everything. Really good stuff. It's great fun to play with mates. I once spent like 7 hours (or more) straight with a friend on it on a tiny "lan-party". That was crazy fun! I can hardly play now, because my internet is horrible and gives me awful pings...

3) Half Life, yeah, I know, nothing new, but still amazing and I hadn't played it yet! Was really dissappointed with the ending though that revealed just nothing.

4) Little Fighters 2, I used to play this a long time ago with my neighbours and just downloaded it a week ago to play with two friends: Awesome!

5) The latest stuff on Newgrounds appearing on the frontpage! ;)

I am turning 18 soon (26th) and am really looking forward to it! For months I have been taking my driving lessons and things are looking good. The whole payment thing will be much easier, going to places will be even cooler, I might even create a company for my games! The only thing I am a bit afraid of is the time after school. What will I do? Most of the people I know already have plans and a lot of alternatives if something goes wrong and I feel like one of the few retards that just worry too little and might miss their chance to achieve something great. Sure, I have some ideas, maybe I will focus more on programming? Make this a job? At least my grades are fine and should allow me to visit a good university, but is that really what I want to do? Well, we will see and it looks like this blog is getting more and more personal. How did things go for you? Did you get what you always wanted or do you regret anything?

Rock on, Newgrounds!


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2014-01-06 22:57:14

good ideas go far

Schulles responds:

I guess they do!


2014-01-07 05:23:31

Went ahead and replayed Utopian Mining for a bit to answer the 'Pokémon Battle' question:
I don't think the game needs something like that. In part because of 'menu battles on a smartphone', but also in part to the relaxing atmosphere you spoke of. Perhaps something more integrated with the already existing gameplay. Maybe more like Zelda 2, where you enter a kind of battle area if you come in contact with a monster.
While I have your attention, one of the things that bothered me in the beginning was the slow walking speed of the robot when getting from building to building, and the wide-spread town.
Maybe you could consider doing more with the 'conquered' underground areas/levels. For example, if you claim enough of the 'coal' region, people could start building new recharge or equipment stations underground. That way, you cover less horizontal ground and make the world a bit more dynamic, but these are just things that popped up from replaying UM1.
Hope this helps you a bit!

Schulles responds:

Hey, thanks a lot! That sounds good and I am glad you agree. :)


2014-01-07 13:36:27

the list says that my phone should be able to handle adobe, but every time i got to install adobe to it, it says i can't.

Schulles responds:

Mhh... That's really weird. Yeah, a lot of people seem to have problems with Adobe Air...


2014-01-07 14:51:46

Hi, I dont think you should use a Pokemon Battle system.The system gets way too repetitive and really puts someone off a game if one encounters enemies every couple of steps.Personally I think you should do something similar to rogue legacy or some other platformer game(I got rogue legacy about 3 days ago.I agree, its an epic game).Play some more platformer games and look for a fighting system that would be suitable to this game. Personally I think that Utopian mining should have a fighting system to some other game I played once (dammit I forgot the name.Played like half a year ago.And it was free.Developed by some students).It was pretty fun where you got to upgrade everything until you drilled everything up.The only enemies were moles or something.Nevermind I completely forgot everything about it.You should probably make a couple types of enemies.And the player should probably be able to kill them by drilling through them or jumping on them or by using the environment (idk say you could have lava drop down on them and destroy them).

Have fun making Utopian Mining 2 and I hope to hear more about it soon
Also golden-monkey15s ideas about the underground stations would be a good addition to the game.

Schulles responds:

I agree, I will see what I can do. :)


2014-01-12 18:05:46

I agree with attak, the pokemon fighting system would not be that good.

Schulles responds:

Yeah, it DEFINITELY won't be in the game. :)


2014-04-01 18:03:15

Could you have a no monster mode? If not then have it so random areas are empty (caves) and are filled with monsters.

Schulles responds: