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I am awfully sorry!

2013-10-05 18:48:28 by Schulles

A few of you guys might have been playing my latest game. I feel ashamed to say that the game has already been played over 30,000 times having the most horrible bug I ever had in one of my games.

It looks like dozens of people had an awful glitch/bug where they would sell lemonade for 1000$ or suddenly have a debt of a few million dollars. That's because of a little line of code in the simulation...

sold = Math.round(sold * (1 - price));

I forgot to write the following afterwards:

if (price > 1)
sold = 0;

So basically I wanted to set a limit for the max price of lemonade which resulted in complete chaos. I hope you still enjoyed the game. Please feel free to play the game again, now bug-free.

Thanks a lot to all the people who pointed that bug out and sorry again!

Stay tuned!

I am awfully sorry!


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2013-10-07 11:55:32

Glad it's fixed! It seems like now's the time to play, I've been working my way through old medal games... but this one's in the list.