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Blog, blog, blog; Blog around the clock!

2013-07-26 20:16:12 by Schulles

I think it is time for a short update!

I am still working on 'The Lemonade Game' which probably will be named 'Lemonade Land', because I like alliterations! ;) Maybe a better title will come to my mind until finally releasing it, which will surely not be earlier than in a few months, or could you suggest a good one already?

Yesterday I released the main soundtrack for the game! It can be found HERE. Feel free to use it in some of your work after asking for permission.

Today I didn't code too much, but I added a sweet little easteregg that has to do with music and added drugs to the game:
In the game you will be able to drink cheap vodka or take a very mysterious drug that will give you some weird tripping. Maybe you will even meet the white rabbit? Besides some blur effects there are also some cool shakes and blackouts, aswell as flashes and sudden position changes of the player... Well, I better don't tell too much and you see yourself once it's released. All in all I am doing my best to make this game different from the classics.

All characters in the game are done, same for the scenes, except for the 'private room', which will keep a little surprise for winning the game. By the way, winning means completing enough missions and earning enough money to completely repair and clean up your flat and making it more luxury. You will also have to get yourself some neat clothes...
The actual simulation isn't too great, yet. It's still too random and will be changed a lot until the final version. :)
But you can even break into the factory now and steal some sugar! But don't let the police bust you like they got me last time I tried!

Below you can take a glance on my messy handwritten notes (I don't know why I drew a smiling fat guy on it) on what still has to be done and how far I got so far!

NOTE: I will leave tommorow the 28th to visit Poland and Woodstock (yay!) with some friends and won't be back before the 6th of August. At that time I might be quite inactive and of course not coding at all so I might not be able to answer every of your questions on the flixel tutorials on time. Thanks for your patience!

And have a great time!

Blog, blog, blog; Blog around the clock!


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2013-07-27 21:44:37

So it will be what kind of game? Platformer? Other than this finding the concept really nice. Might search this easter egg as soon as it released.

Schulles responds:

Cool! Yeah, it is somewhat a platformer including this selling simulation, here is some more info and footage: ws/post/851641